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Story 1: Moran arrives for Yossi – Thursday, Sept. 9th 2011

My name is Yossi and I am a regular client at isra-sex escort agency for about two years now, booking an escort with them every two weeks or so.  I must be honest and say that I had some regular escort experiences and some very special ones, but this story is a very very special experience that I had with a lovely escort named Ronit.

This is my story:

It's a Thursday night and my girlfriend and I came back from a nice evening together at around midnight, she was tired and went to sleep and I was horny as hell.  I took the car and drove to Tel Aviv with no destination in mind.  I called isra-sex to see if there is an interesting girl to spend time with and Ronit was described to me gorgeous and very special and so I chose her.  I took out 700 Shekles out of the ATM and rented a room at the Sun Aviv Motel.  Then I got a call that Ronit will be there in 20 minutes.  She arrived after 35 minutes but as soon as I saw her I didn't even care.  She was just as described to me: in her early 20's, light skin, dark green eyes, full lips and one hell of a sexy body!  She came in, asked me what would I like her to do and I told her that I am open for anything, and so she said "don't worry, I'll take good care of you".  She called her driver, told him that everything is OK, and started undressing, leaving her bra and panties and showing off her hot little body.  She took me by the hand and we laid down on the bed.  We started making out and to my amazement she started French kissing me with her skillful tongue.  I got an instant hard-on at that point, and every time since when I think about her.  She undressed me, I took her bra off and saw her amazing perky tits that stayed erect just as they were with the bra on.  She kissed and licked my body as she sat on me and took my underwear off, making my body tremble at the sensation of her full lips touching me.  As she took off my underwear she put my dick in her mouth sucking all of it in all at once.  I was completely astonished!  I felt no teeth or any other discomfort and after a few sucking strokes and moans I came strong in her throat.  I came so strong that I literally saw stars.  We relaxed for about 8 minutes in which I complemented her on a great blow job and everything about her.  When I felt ready, she started riding me cowgirl style, jumping up and down my cock, she was the one fucking me to tell you the truth.  After about 10 minutes she orgasmed and grabbed my shoulders tightly as she smiled in ecstasy.  I then flipped her over and fucked her doggy style hard and fast and filled her back with my warm and thick cum. 

I must say that this was by far one of the most amazing fucking sessions that I had with an escort and I have Ronit and the staff at 
isra-sex to thank for that.  I'm not their loyal client for about two years for nothing.       
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